The 2011 LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM CD and videos were inspired by Brady's work with students at NJ's Celebrate the Children School for children with alternative learning styles. Many are affected by autism or related disorders.

The songs in the LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM collection serve as anthems for differently-abled children and their families, though every child will relate to the themes. The songs invite deeper understanding and appreciation of children with special needs, ultimately illuminating just how much we all have in common.

I really like it. I hope it gets widely heard.
— Temple Grandin
"Brady Rymer's "Love me for who I am" speaks to the heart and mind and sensation of every child and parent.  It soars with hope and inspiration to believe in every child and help every child be all they can be and accepted for who they are.  It captures the uniqueness and spirit of children who may experience the world differently but are more alike than different and will resonate with all children and families who strive for understanding one another.  Bravo, Brady!"
- Serena Wieder, PhD Co-Founder of the DIR Model and ICDL and Clinical Director of the Profectum Foundation

Brady Rymer's joyful and positive songs celebrate the lives and experiences of autistic children.  Like the rest of us, autistic kids just want to rock out, and Brady's songs offer a great way for them to do it." -- Todd Drezner, creator of “Loving Lampposts” 

"It is exciting to hear themes that celebrate diversity delivered with such passion. Brady's ability to connect with the experiences of our children and reflect them in song is genius. Anyone who has ever loved a special child for their beautiful and unique qualities can relate to this project."
Monica Osgood, Founder and Executive Director of Celebrate the Children School and Executive Director of the Profectum Foundation

Grammy nominee Rymer has pulled off quite a coup with his latest disc. He's created an album inspired by and written for kids with autism, but also one that has a reach far beyond that target audience." - AOL Parentdish

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Thank you to Monica Osgood, Dan Myers, Bridget Rymer, Zoe Kakolyris, Chris Silas Neal, Laurie Berkner, Bernie Worrell, Claudia Mussen, Liz Queler, Seth Farber, Alex Rappoport, Profectum Faculty and all of the teachers and students of Celebrate the Children School!