Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

Happy Autism Awareness Month 2019! Ever since we released our 2011 album “Love Me For Who I Am” inspired by the students at Celebrate the Children School, a school for children with alternative learning styes, the month of April has always been about shining a light on autism awareness and acceptance.

Last year, we released two singles to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. The first is a supersized party mix of “Love Me For Who I Am” and the second a reimagined version of Diana Ross’ Motown hit “I’m Coming Out.” We loved sharing these two new singles last April, along with their lyric videos. While introducing these new songs on social media, we were fortunate to have the input from students at Celebrate the Children School. Their contributions helped bring the new songs to life and their voices reinforced what the message was all about!

The lyrics to the song “I’m Coming Out” say “I want the world to know.” We asked students at Celebrate the Children School what they want the world to know. Their answers were nothing short of inspiring and we were able to share them on our social media through the month of April. We were so grateful for the teachers at CTC who helped us put this together by interviewing the students and providing photos.

Flashing forward a year later, we’re getting ready to release our 10th studio album, Under the Big Umbrella on May 17, and “I’m Coming Out” is one of the 12 songs on the record. Our annual Autism Awareness Month Concerts at Celebrate the Children School and Roslyn Heights School featured our favorite sensory friendly tunes along with some special sneak peeks of songs off the new album.

The Light it Up Blue concerts at Celebrate the Children are always an exuberant time — everyone dressed in blue from head to toe, and plenty of dancing and fun activities. The students know the songs and I love when they join me on stage to rock out! This is a magical place and the students, teachers, and administrators at CTC will always have a very special place in my heart.


A performance at Roslyn Heights School has become an annual April tradition as well! We always ask teachers and students to “get ready” for a Little Band concert just like they would any rock concert. It creates a wonderful and immersive music experience when students are familiar with our music and message before we perform. That might mean listening to our album a few times, wearing your favorite outfit or making a sign.


The students at RHS went above and beyond with a BIG sign that read “Love Me For Who I Am.” And I love my portrait!

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Autism Awareness Month by coming to our concerts, listening to our music, and following us on social media! I can’t wait to share our new album Under the Big Umbrella that expands on the message of “Love Me For Who I Am” encompassing everyone!

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